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Rusty the RedTail


Rusty the RedTail

During Fall Fest 2015, the student body voted on a variety of names, and Rusty was deemed the victor. The name refers to the color red and gives note to the rusty-red color of the Red-Tailed Hawk's feathers. The color red is the color of extremes; it is energizing and excites the emotions while motivating individuals to take action. Red represents energy, action, desire, and passion. Furthermore, red is the color associated with strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. Therefore, the name Rusty recognizes all the attributes we believe each and every one of our student-athletes possess.


Monday, April 20, 2015 at 10:30am


6' 7"


265 lbs.

Official College Debut

Hawkeye Fall Fest - August 26, 2015

Favorite Sports

  • Sports Shooting
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Golf
  • Bowling

Favorite Activities

Cheering on the Hawkeye RedTail athletes.

Giving high fives and taking selfies with the students.

Working out at the Health Education and Services Center.

Favorite Colors

Blue and Orange

Red-Tailed Hawk

Native to Iowa and much of North America, red-tailed hawks are known for being efficient, keen-eyed hunters. Learn more about the red-tailed hawk from the National Audubon Society and National Geographic.