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Men's Cross Country

Peter Torkelson
Peter Torkelson
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Adams, MN

Cross Country Experience Before Hawkeye? 

 Southland Middle School/High School and Ellis Middle School

Awards/Accolades/Important Stats related to Cross Country Career? 

 Personal record 16:20 5k, All State Minnesota Cross Country, and 2x State

What is your favorite Cross Country brand?


Who is your favorite athlete? 

 Syeve Prefontane, Louis Zanparin, and Billy Mills

Who is your favorite professional team?

 Connor Mcgregor 

What is your ideal post-game meal?

 Pasta or oatmeal

Favorite cross country moment? 

Stewartville 2015: I beat a runner by a second that had surged infront of me at the end of the race and we became great friends and my best rival